What is Tread Rating?
Tread Rating is a measurement in the tire industry that determines how much life is remaining on a tire. Most tires have a 100% tread rating of 10/32. If a tire has a rating of 6/32, this means that there is roughly 60% tread remaining. In most states 2/32 - 3/32 is legal.
I'm having trouble finding pairs of a particular size.
No problem! Just call Garfield Tire at (973) 478-4477, or email your size and question today.
Is the tire I'll receive white-wall?
Usually it is not, however if you receive a white wall - simply turn it inside to match the black walls on your vehicle.
After I buy the tire, can I spread the news about the tire's value and tread?
Yes, please! Share our website and slogan "Relieve the stress on your next tire purchase". Visit Garfield Tire at 25 Ann Street, Clifton NJ.
Want to buy a used tire in New Jersey?
Come to Garfield Tire, Inc. at 25 Ann Street, Clifton NJ!
Need a flat tire replaced?
Call Garfield Tire, Inc. 973-478-4477!
Do you need a 225/60/16 for your taxi?
We got em!
Why are used tires valuable?
They provide a repository of tires specific for certain car types. If you need to match an older model car, used tires will do the trick.
Why buy used tires?
They present an impressive bargain that you should seize at anytime!
Can I get a tire patched at your facility?
Sure! We patch tires for $10.00 per tire.
Are you not sure what size tire your vehicle uses?
We will gladly assist you in determining your vehicle fitments. Just give us the make, model, and year.